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LinkedIn helps me to stay in touch with current and former english-speaking colleages. You can't access my profile directly, but you find me when you search for my name.


enthält über 50 subjektive Buchbesprechungen rund um das Theme "minoisches Kreta".


Obviously I am also represented in Facebook .


Meine .de Homepage verweist auf die Themen, mit denen ich mich derzeit befasse.

Truth Force Diary - My second e-book. In 1978 I had just finished my University program in Ohio. I stuck out my thumb and was ready to travel for three months to wherever fortune and my drivers would take me. On July 30 I arrived in Boulder. A few days later I was arrested as a member of the Rocky Flats Truth Force for trespassing and blocking the production site for nuclear triggers at Rocky Flats. And I kept a minute diary of those days.

XING (ex. OpenBC) hilft mir, Kontakt mit deutschsprachigen Kollegen und vor allem ex-Kollegen zu halten. Mein Benutzername: vonkracht


Here I maintain a profile as well as a product page for the Pillar Island novel.

Unterwegs in China Buchbesprechungen sowie Artikel zu aktuellen Themen sind in meinem Blog Ansichten aus Zürich zu finden.
Ein spezieller Reiseblog handelt von meine Chinareise vom 12. Mai bis 1. Juni 2013 Unterwegs in China.

Some short pieces of my writing in English:

Pillar Island - A Minoan Novella

is available for Kindle from

Pillar Island - A Minoan Novella

gibts für Kindle von

Ein Text auf deutsch:

Stand: 10. April 2013 - Ein neuer Blog: Unterwegs in China.